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Cebon i.d.e. want you to grow together with us
Cebon i.d.e. want you to grow together with us
Do you have a business idea? Please let us know how we can help you grow
Do you have a business idea? Please let us know how we can help you grow
With our concept
With our concept "Ready to Go" it's possible for you to start your business much more quickly
Local partner with a global network
Local partner with a global network

Bring Your idea to the market!


Cebon Group´s virtues have always been  curiosity, win/win, easy to do business with durable relations with a Growth agenda.

After 30 year of business we know wish to enter  into a new era of Growth and entrepreneurship. That´s why we Launch the Business UNIT  CEBON IDEA, our foundation for New Business development.

Do you have an idea, project,product you wish to discuss how we can support you to reach your full potential, contact us for a unconditional meeting . Welcome!




Ready to go !

We are not only an investment partner, we have an active current network both locally and globally. At your disposal is all the necessary resources at the tip of your fingers, prepared to tackle challenges and get you & your company starting. Our platform is “ all the service you need, customerbase, supplier base and strategic alliance potentially”. If the match between is suitable we will save you time, resources and increase the chance to reach your full potential. Welcome.




Benefits and Contributions from the  CEBON I.D.E.A team.

The toolbox is full and ready to use: Knowledge, active networks, experience  from domestic and international markets, capital and last but least a daring curious culture.



Our investments rest on two Pillars:  Brain & Capital! Which means that our focus is to add values through our expertise , experience and network as well as capital injections.



With our ”Ready to go” concept we help you speed up your developments, expansion or launcprograms. Your TTM will definitely be shortened  and the  probability of success will be improved. Our Toolbox is ready to be used.



With 30 years of experience we have created global, regional and local networks. Our knowledge  is derived both from success and failures from and always from eagerness to overcome challenges and creating benefits for our partners.  With our experience and your curiosity and our mutual willingness to succeed we will make 1+1= 3.


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Cebon i.d.e.a is a part of Cebon Group.


With more than 30 years experience  in international business and with close collaboration with global partners  Cebon Group have several long lasting and successful business  relations. This  with strong focus in ASIA and Western Europe, sustainable and trustworthy  is not just punch lines but our core values.


Today we have , in our portfolio, active companies all over  the Nordic region, France, Italy and China. We have over the years build market shares and build strong and long term market positions in both products and in our brands.



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International Trademarks



40 M€

sales turnover in 2015

Strong brands in our portfolio


Since 1985 CEBON Group have build and created successful trademarks and companies. These companies have international presence , however our roots and Head office have always been in the Gothenborg  region.

Today in our group you will find several strong brands  in growth areas with huge potentials.



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