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CEBON Group have been active since 1986. Today we host several brands and companies with strong market positions.

CEBON Group have employees and organizations in Sweden,Norway,Denmark,Finland, Italy, France and China.


Among others our portfolio containing following brands: GP Batteries, Housgard, Sunmatic, Dryprotect.




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Our motto have always been ”easy to do business with”.  All our project should be driven by this positive energy and spread through the whole company, this is what we call the “CEBON SPIRIT”. We hope you will feel  and experience the benefits of joining us  no matter in which way you will join in.

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Cebon Group är ägare av GPBM Nordic och har kontor i deras lokaler på Argongatan 2B i Mölndal.


Tel: 031-799 16 00

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Cebon Group

Argongatan 2B

41275 Mölndal

Phone: +46(0)31-799 16 00